“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.”


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Katrina & Sam’s timeline

“Sharing healing knowledge with others.”

When one person teaches, two people learn:

“I built my entire career on the simple desire to help others feel better. Over the years of learning different modalities, one of my favorites has been cupping therapy. The relief this therapy has given me and others has been astounding. My hope is that you can learn and use the knowledge you find here to better your own life and then share it with others you love.” -Katrina, Founder My LaVetta



Broken vertebrae and tail bone

As a competitive teen gymnast Katrina broke her L4 & L5 vertebrae and her tail bone during a beam performance. She then spent close to a year in a back brace. The trauma from this injury resulted in decades of low back pain.



The road to recovery

After her back healed, she found herself with yet another injury after tearing three major muscles in her upper leg. Recovery came through a massage therapist friend who helped her regain strength to return to  training.



A life of healing

Upon graduating from High School, Katrina wanted to learn the art of healing. At that time she thought being a Massage Therapist was the same as being a Sports Therapist or Physical Therapist and that’s the path she took.



Success in helping others

After 20+ years in the field of Massage, Katrina and her partner Sam opened their first spa. Part of their culture is to foster an environment of learning. Teaching others is paramount, it’s how we learn, grow and become better as human beings and as therapists.



Limited Reach

With the success of multiple spas in the mountain west their ability to directly effect others has changed. Both of them are limited to their current personal clients and training new therapists. Their desire to help others has not changed.



LaVetta was Born

Their commitment is to help as many people as possible. These courses and products are a way for them to help teach you. If implemented correctly they know you’ll experience benefits that will help you in your life.

“All people are the same;

only their habits differ.” -Confucius

Your habits will determine your future.



We teach our clients skills that enable them to use tools themselves so they can live more pain free lives between normal treatments with their medical providers.



The first goal should be learning how to use each tool or product. Knowledge is power and once you know how to use these tools you’ll be able to start taking the steps to manage your personal journey.



Make this a part of your daily life. Place these items in visible places so you’ll begin to implement them into your wellness routine.

Our Team

Katrina Long
Samantha Butler

Learn it from someone still doing it…

Sam & Katrina have over 40+ combined years in the industry and are still practicing therapy with their own clients every week.

I don’t know about you, but for us, it really is frustrating to see “influencers” teaching other people how to do something they aren’t trained in. Or a company that is selling you something but there aren’t any professionals behind the product showing you how to use it. If you’re that good at it shouldn’t you do it yourself? Wouldn’t you want to be taught by someone still active in the business you are learning about? That’s the difference with My LaVetta. We own and operate multiple brands in the medical health and wellness industry. We are teaching you from years of hands on experience.

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