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Post Op Lymphatic Drainage Course

Join our Lymphatic Drainage Course with a seasoned NCBTMB certified instructor boasting over 25 years of expertise. Explore lymphatic trunks, post-operative care, and scar work. Master techniques like cupping to facilitate lymphatic flow, and guide clients in self-care routines. Complete your training with a 60-minute post-operative session, empowering you to excel in client care.


Designed with the student in mind, learn one on one with talented therapists. At the end of our 1 year program you will have the knowledge necessary to take the MBLEx to become a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Utah.


What is My LaVetta?

LaVetta = Summit | Peak

My LaVetta was created out of the desire to provide knowledge to help you be your best. Your health, beauty, and physical goals are important to us.

Live and enjoy life.

This is My LaVetta!

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We’re helping world class athletes, weekend warriors, and everyday people like you feel better.


Knowing how to properly use your cups is crucial for getting results. We don’t want to just sell cups. We want you to feel empowered with the knowledge of how to use them confidently so they’ll become something you use regularly in your daily health routines.

Empowerment with knowledge

MyLavetta’s goal is to help you succeed. Being able to properly use the tools we offer is of utmost concern. LEARN PROPER METHODS TO:
  • Decrease muscle and nerve pain…
  • Use cups to aid in digestive health…
  • Sculpt, tone and contour areas of the body…
  • Increase joint mobility…
  • Aid in Lymphatic Drainage…
  • See the benefits of daily use for beauty routines

Just want a set of cups?

Our goal is for your purchase to be meaningful to you because you are armed with the knowledge to properly use them. Cupping is a tool that if properly used can provide substantial benefit to its user. Likewise, when used without proper technique, cupping can also cause damage. We are not here for a quick sell. LEARN about cupping BEFORE you use them. If you are a licensed medical provider/therapist we’d be happy to help. Please click on the professional link on the top menu for access.

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