Cupping Massage

  • Pulls Stagnations & Toxins out of Tissue
  • Relieves rigid sore muscles & soft tissue
  • Draws circulation to areas of ischemic pain
  • Is used to help repair damaged and over use of muscle tissue and fascia
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Cupping Therapy

60 Min. Cupping

2-3 Areas


60 minutes allows your therapist enough time to work 2-3 areas in detail. Stationary cupping needs to be in place for 10-20 minutes to be really effective. 60 minutes is the right amount of time to focus on those few problem areas you may be experiencing. *$89.95 is member and first time client pricing only.

120 Min. Cupping

Full Body


2 hours allows your therapist enough time to warm up each area of the body through traditional massage, cup drag, and then apply stationary cups on each area of the body. If you want detailed body work that makes a difference and gets you back in the game this is it! *179.90 is member and first time client pricing only.

90 Min. Cupping


If you are looking for a full body massage with cupping in some specific areas but not over the full body then this is the perfect choice. *114.95 is member and first time client pricing only.

Why Cupping Massage?

Effective Healing Therapy

Cupping therapy is a subtle yet effective healing therapy that almost any one can fit into their health regimine.

Used World Wide

Cupping therapy, also known as Suction Therapy, is used by millions of people world wide because its safe, comfortable and remarkably effective for many health disorders.

Tight & Aching Muscle Relief

Cupping massage creates a suction and negative pressure on the skin, releasing tight aching muscles and soft tissue, as well as draining excessive fluids and toxins.

Lifts Connective Tissue

Cupping lifts connective tissue and brings fresh revitalized blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.

What Our Clients Have to Say

I had the best experience at summit spa and float Katrina Long is my favorite therapist I am a fitness instructor and aside from that work out consistently. Katrina really focuses on how to relieve my sore muscles and get my body back into shape after a hard work out. Her cupping techniques and hot stones are a great way for my body to recover quicker in between workouts! Love this place !

Janae C

I get regular massages from Katrina. She is really good at loosening and relaxing the muscles. I was having really bad bicep tendonitis, Katrina recommended I do the Cupping Massage which REALLY helped with my tendonitis. Definitely a 5 star service!”

Janae C