Katrina Long

Katrina Long has been a Utah Licensed Massage Therapist for 22 years and is the co-owner of Summit Spa & Float located in Spanish Fork & Park City Utah.


Her love for massage came at the early age of 14 when as a gymnast she received therapy that helped to facilitate her getting back into the gym and competing. Massage to her has never been viewed as something you do to feel good or relax, it’s always been a necessary avenue to repairing and fixing ailments of the body so that a person can have a better quality of life. Katrina also has a rare muscle paralysis disease and has found that the combination of both natural and prescribed medicines can truly be beneficial to a persons wellbeing.

Katrina did her Massage Therapy apprenticeship training in Aiea, Hawaii and her Anatomy through BYU.

Katrina is the wife of a first responder and a mother of 4, she loves water sports, canyoneering, beekeeping, and has enjoyed the last 4 years being involved in her community as an elected official.

By day you may see her as a put together professional, but in the early morning and weekends you can find her with her muck boots on, feeding animals with hay in her hair or covered in dirt from gardening.

Book With Katrina:

  • New client
  • Returning client who hasn’t been in for over a year
  • Current client who didn’t book out their next few appointments and absolutely NEEDS Katrina to work on them last minute.

2hr minimum session may include various techniques at no additional cost.